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Raised Bed Kits

Constrained by space, or short on time? All of our raised bed kits simply slide together in minutes, and can be designed to suit any gardens size. Embrace vertical gardening and utilise your growing space more effectively with our range of stackable strawberry planters.

Our range of raised bed kits and stackable strawberry planters are moulded in high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) which in contrast to what you may expect , not only look good but are durable too!

EPS has been used in gardening for decades in the form of polystyrene seed trays. The unbeatable thermal properties offered by EPS provide seeds with the best chance of germination early on and help produce good strong healthy plants by maintaining compost and root temperature.

Growing your own delicious home-grown fruit and vegetables is easier with the lightweight Cultivation Station raised bed kits. With no sharp edges or splinters the planters are completely safe around children and require no heavy lifting like you might expect with traditional wooden sleeper beds. We have raised bed kits to suit any size of garden, patio or decking - the choice is up to you!

The clever design of our stackable strawberry planters, the Clover and Lucky Clover can also be stacked 6 layers high if supported centrally and are also suitable for fresh kitchen herbs and creating beautiful floral displays.

Interested in our raised bed kits or have any questions about our compost bins? Explore the website and embark upon your Grow Your Own Adventure today!

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